A small ceremony was held as a token of gratitude to friends, partners and supporters of IFS-EMMAUS.

As a sign of gratitude to our long-time friends and donors, a gala dinner was held last night in the beautiful restaurant of the shopping mall „Etna“.

This was also an overview of IFS-EMMAUS projects in 2017 and the announcement of the plans for the following year.

The participants were addressed by the Minister of Labor, Social Politics and Return of TK Mr. Zoran Jovanovic, who only had words of praise for our work.

The trust that we have built in network with our donors, institutions, and above all, with citizens, through our work, has enabled us to help tens of thousands of people who were in need.

We thank everyone for coming to this event, for supporting us because the realization of many projects would not be possible without your participation. Please, keep supporting our work and replying on our appeals because as long as you do that, we will exist.

We would like to thank our host for the evening and a great donor, the management of the shopping centre “Etna”.