About us


Humanitarian Organization IFS-EMMAUS was founded at the beginning of  1999 in Gračanica, B&H with the purpose of helping categories of citizens in need.

It is registered as local, non-governmental and non-profit organisation whose domain field is on the entire area of Bosnia and Herzegovina. IFS-EMMAUS is part of the international organisation Emmaus International which operates on five continents with its humanitarian work.

During its long-term work and existence on the territory of B&H and wide, IFS-EMMAUS with the realization of numerous projects assisted thousands of persons in need including refugees, displaced persons, illegal migrants, victims of human-trafficking, old and helpless persons, homeless, individuals with mental disabilities, HIV positive individuals, youth at risk of this contagious disease and young delinquents.

Today, with network offices in Doboj Istok, Sarajevo, Srebrenica, Zvornik and a number of 242 employees, IFS-EMMAUS is one of the leading NGOs in the country.