Center for Children and Youth

With the realization of this project we started in June 2014 when the foundation stone for the construction of this center was laid. The mentioned project is consists of three phases: construction of the Centre for Children and Youth, building houses and building bungalows. With the help of donors, Center for Children and Youth is built, in compliance with the prescribed international standards and norms,which will, under the supervision of professional staff, help children to go through the processes of socialization and finally reintegration into the local community. In the first phase accommodation for 24 children is provided, and with the completion of construction of houses and bungalows, planned capacity will be expanded to 54 users.

In the construction project of the building have participated :

– From the BiH Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and the return of TK;

– From the Netherlands: Stichting Proplan as a major donor and organization Wildeganzen;

– From Italy: various governmental and non-governmental organizations based in the municipality of Bucine.

Center for Children and Youth was officially opened 02.09.2015. year. The official opening of the Centre was attended by Ambassador of the Netherlands in BiH, Mr. Juriaan Kraak, Minister for Regional Planning and environmental protection TK Mr. Hasan Ferhatović, mayor of Doboj East, Mr. Kemal Bratic, Mr. Wilem Pronk – President of the Proplan Foundation, and friends and employees of IFS-EMMAUS. Ambassador of the Netherlands in BiH, Mr. Juriaan Kraak and Mayor of Doboj East, Mr. Kemal Bratic together have cut the ribbon and opened the Center for Children and Youth.

MFS - EMMAUS Doboj Istok 139 (Medium) MFS - EMMAUS Doboj Istok 140 (Medium)

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