Education of Professionals-Teaching Staff and Parents on Ways and Means of Preventing Violence Against Children

The education of professionals-teaching staff and parents on ways and means of preventing violence against children was held on 28.11.1017 in the elementary school “Orašje” in Orašje. Education is one of the activities within the project “Development of Guidelines for the Prevention of Violence against Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina Adapted to Children”, which is implementing by the International Forum of Solidarity – Emmaus, funded by UNICEF, with the support of the European Union. At the conference, the lecturers, Mr. Josip Vojnić, Ms. Marija Jakovljević, presented the project publications, “Guidelines for dealing with violence against children in a digital environment”, intended for professionals working with children, and the picture book “All you need to know about violence “, designed and specially adapted for children aged 6-11 years, they also presented the online application ” Be a Cyber Detective “, which is a form of guidance for the prevention of violence against children, intended for the group of children aged 12-17 years. The lecturers, through interactive group work, through real-life cases, “brought closer” to the participants the most common forms of violence against children, including the relatively new concept of violence against children in the digital environment.