Humanitarian Bazaar in Front of the Town Mosque in Srebrenik

Today, IFS-EMMAUS held a Humanitarian Bazaar in front of the Central Mosque in Srebrenik in cooperation with the Majlis of the Islamic Community Srebrenik.

The visitors at the bazaar could see various handmade objects made by beneficiaries from the Duje Reception Center, such as knitted articles of clothing, try delicious cakes, and by purchasing one of the items to help the most vulnerable social categories.

All funds raised from the sale will be redirected to help families involved in the project “One meal a day” in which more than 180 beneficiaries receive a free meal on the doorstep.

We thank Majlis of the Islamic Community Srebrenik and our volunteers who helped in the organization of the bazaar and special thank to everyone who visited us today and showed their humanity.

Good returns in better!