IFS-EMMAUS delegation visited Reisu-l-Ulema Husein ef. Kavazović

Delegation of the International Forum of Solidarity – Emmaus, in which were the director Hamzalija Okanović with associates Yaser Sabbagh, Elmedin Škrebo and Damir Sisic, yesterday, January 18, 2018. year.  visited Reisu-l-Ulema Husein ef. Kavazović. On this occasion, he was introduced with numerous humanitarian projects that IFS-EMMAUS is implementing, in cooperation with the Islamic community in BiH and other domestic and international organizations. There were also words about how the Islamic community can support future Emmaus projects, especially in the field of care for returnees in Srebrenica, as well as in other returnee cities.The authorities of the Islamic community in BiH has so far been very supportive in almost all the projects implemented by IFS-EMMAUS. We emphasize the support to the Reception Center Duje through the supply with qurbani meat, the support to the functioning of the Daily Center in Zvornik and Doboj, the work of the Soup kitchen in Doboj, scholarships for children in Burkina Faso – Africa, support in action BiH for Syria, aid to the Rohingya people etc.

This reception was also an acknowledgment at which reisu-l-ulema Kavazovic did not save the words of support for our future cooperation.

Thanks to the projects supported by our partner organization, Dubai Charity Association, we have helped many families last month. In addition to food packages, packages for babies, water tanks, scholarships for three students, and bread for more than 50 families every day. This very good cooperation and support of the Dubai Charity Association means a lot to us because since October 2015, when the agreement was signed, through the implementation of social projects, construction and reconstruction projects, pupil and student scholarships, sponsorship of orphans and others, we helped the large number of residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina.