Participation of IFS-Emmaus on Balkan Tube Fest 2017.

Representatives of the SOS line for the reporting of inappropriate content on the internet participated in this year’s Balkan Tube Festival (BTF), which was held in Sarajevo from 24 to 26 November 2017. BTF is dedicated to fans of YouTube culture and the most famous YouTubers from the region, and gathers a large number of children and young people – YouTube fans, and it gives them a unique opportunity to hang out with their YouTube stars.

On the second day of the Festival, the representatives of, Save the Children and the Federal Police Administration held an educational workshop for the gathered YouTube fans – children, youth and their parents, about Internet security and the ability to prevent unwanted contacts, inappropriate content and other situations in the digital space that may have unwanted consequences for children and youth people. The workshop was attended by the famous YouTubers Kika and Nedim, and the response of the children was very large.

We transfer you part of the atmosphere from our BTF meeting, along with the main message from the workshop: Children, report inappropriate content, behavior, communication or violence to which you were exposed, or you attended it! is here for you!