IFS-EMMAUS, with the support of UNICEF, in December 2016, started implementing the project “Development of Guidelines for the Prevention of Violence Against Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina Suited to Children” , in order to adapt the existing guidelines for the prevention of violence against children in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to children’s needs and needs of their families.

The laws on the protection and treatment of children and juveniles in criminal proceedings have been adopted in recent years in Republika Srpska (RS) Brcko District (BD), and finally, in 2014 also in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH). Although the new legal framework recognizes and acknowledges the vulnerability of children who come into contact with the criminal justice system (as offenders, witnesses or victims) and has, as its main objective, the best interests of children and young people, these progressive solutions are not accompanied by serious efforts to create conditions for their practical application.

The use of alternative measures depends not only on legal and institutional framework, but largely depends on the practices of participants in the criminal justice system – law of prosecutors’ offices, social services and law enforcement agencies who need to understand the policies and procedures of their application.

Accordingly, special attention will be devoted to the development of specialized guidelines on the prevention of violence against children tailored to the needs of children, who will also be adapted for easier application for professionals. Therefore, IFS-Emmaus for the prevention of violence against children is planning the following activities:

Guidelines for professionals on prevention of violence against children through ICT
Child-friendly guidelines on prevention of violence against children
Education and Capacity Building