IFS – EMMAUS implements projects for sustainable development and functioning which involves the cultivation of agricultural products for the needs of feeding beneficiaries at the Reception center Duje. To sustainability is contributing food production, processing of fruits and vegetables in the IFS-HANA Ltd. in Srebrenica, and the production of dairy products in the dairy IFS-TRADE Ltd.

In order to expand the existing production, we began with the activities of growing fruits and vegetables in the protected area (greenhouses) on a surface of 2,400 m2, where are grown vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, onions, spinach and cucumbers, and annual production of agricultural products (food ) is 35 tons (cucumber, tomato, peppers, potatoes, cabbage, onions, eggplant, carrots, peas and strawberries and watermelon).


Farm on Pale


 Construction of a sheep farm in the municipality of Srebrenica has began in 2012. At that time the land for the construction of the farm was secured, as well as the ancillary facility in a total area of 110 acres. The goal of building the farm is to ensure sustainable return, new jobs, to offer local people new ways of sheep breeding with educational and practical examples. Plans for the future are reflected in moving sheeps into the farm and providing food for the existing sheeps which includes the engagement of new workers.




Fruits and vegetables produced on the farm is processed at IFS-Hana Ltd. Srebrenica into chutney, juices and jams, which are prepared according to traditional recipes using the new technology without the use of preservatives and other impurities. In 2015, IFS-Hana produced jams of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, peaches and cherry plum, apple juice and elderberry, jam and chutney. Introducing a larger number of activities on farm will enable the employment of more workers, which will contribute to the sustainable return of the population and the development of agriculture in Srebrenica.


Dairy IFS-TRADE Ltd.

Dairy IFS TRADE Ltd. came from the need to assist the population through the purchase of milk from local subcontractors for the production of milk products. When it comes to production in 2015 of subcontractors is purchased 310,508 liters of milk. The milk processed in the dairy, retains the original quality, taste and smell, which means that in its offer have products that can rarely be found in the market, totally fresh, natural, no preservatives, and various chemical additives. Customers are offered a wide range of “Bosnia milk” products: yogurt,  trappist cheese with mint and pepper, fresh cheese, slice cheese, smoked cheese, sour cream and cream.

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