The project of sponsoring orphans

In cooperation with donors IHH from Turkey, WAMY from Saudi Arabia, Selwa from Kuwait, Deniz Feneri from Turkey and WEFA from Germany, IFS-EMMAUS implements project of sponsorships for over 1000 orphan children from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. Besides monthly financial assistance that orphans receive, other activities aimed at improving the living conditions of orphans and their families are realized.

Thus, during the month of Ramadan Iftar have been organized for orphan children and their mothers, as well as the distribution of Eid package in the form of clothing, funded by the IHH from Turkey and Selwo from Kuwait for orphans in Tuzla, Zenica-Doboj, Una-Sana, Bosnian – Podrinjski and Sarajevo Canton.

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An activity that will be worth to mention, conducted at the beginning of the school year, is the purchase of school supplies for orphans from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. Funds for the purchase of school supplies were provided by the IHH in Turkey and WAMY from Saudi Arabia.

Another activity that is worth to mention is the Day of orphans in Bosnia and Herzegovina that was implemented on 11 April this year by the Association “Istanbul” educational cultural center in Sarajevo in cooperation with the Turkish humanitarian organization IHH, “Smile of orphan’ Mostar and IFS-EMMAUS . On this occasion, a special program was organized that was filled with a variety of social and educational activities with the participation of orphans who have received scholarships through IFS-EMMAUS.


Our program of sponsoring refers to:

Offering financial assistance;

Construction of houses for families in that need;

Purchase of school material, clothes and shoes;

Organizing joint iftars and distribution of Eid packages;

Educational and entertainment workshops for children with mothers;

Organization of joint excursions and meetings;

Socio-economic strengthening of mothers.

How can you help?

Our address is daily filled with requests and emotional appeals to help orphans. Around 1.300 children coming from across country receive monthly scholarships through IFS-EMMAUS service. By participating in sponsoring one or more orphans you help us to reply to these appeals and increase the number of project’s beneficiaries. The amount of monthly scholarship for one child is 30 €.

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