URGENT APPEAL: Seven member Bašić family in great need of a home

Do we live unaware, or we live just so we can say that the day passed not seeing or hearing the cries of unprotected fragile children and families?! The survival of seven member family Bašić from Lendići in Gračanica passes unnoticed. Their house is not „hidden“, it is not that they don’t have neighbours but still they are alone, abandoned from all to struggle by themselves as they know and can, to carry on their backs huge problems of which they cannot see the end.

Kadira Bašić lives with her husband and five children, Merjema, Muhamed, Harun, Razija and Almir in a house that resembles a small abandoned shed in the woods. Living conditions, we can freely say, there are none.  At the very entrance you can seem moist of which you can barely breathe. Walls are humid, covered with ringworms.  There are two rooms filled with furniture who someone threw out and it got to them.

The husband is ill and unemployed. Seven of them live thanks to child allowances and some daily wages earned thanks to physical labour. Due to family fraud they are forced to live for years in a shed that each second can fall apart due to an open landslide.

During our visit we brought food parcels, hygiene supplies, clothes and shoes for them. As we were left speechless after our first visit we had to come back again bringing fridge, wash machine and our willingness to clean the room for children and make it more liveable.

However, this family needs primarily a new roof above their heads. But first we need to secure land in order to start the construction. No one on this Earth deserves that kind of life especially innocent children. It is very difficult to watch how, not by their fault, they pass childhood in such horrific conditions.




IFS-EMMAUS in the coming period will start a fundraising campaign in order to buy a piece of land and start again a fundraising campaign to secure funds for the construction of a house.

We appeal to all good hearted people, institutions, and companies to take this seriously and to help us to secure a new home for these innocent children.

All interested parties can call this number: +387 35 726 690.


Intesa Sanpaolo Bank
IBAN: BA39 1542 0011 0008 5746

Uni Credit Bank
IBAN: BA39 3389104805723482

Help for Bašić

PayPal: donate@mfs-emmaus.ba