Webinars for teachers on “Preventing the Influence of the Internet on Children – Family Safety”

As a continuation of activities to protect children from violence in the digital environment, IFS-EMMAUS, with the support of the Federal Ministry of Education and Science, in the period October – December 2017, is implementing activities within the project “Strengthening the Capacity of Educational Institutions for the Prevention of Abuse and Exploitation of Children Through Information and Communication Technologies”, in cooperation with the Association of Teachers and Informatics Teachers of Sarajevo Canton Edu IT.

Namely, in order to intensify activities in this area, ten (10) webinars will be realized in November on the topic “Preventing the Negative Impacts of the Internet on Children – Family Safety”. Webinars are planned in order to strengthen the capacities of educational institutions for preventing abuse and exploitation of children through ICT, and through education for computer sciences teachers working in schools in the Federation of BiH. Webinars will be realized by the same one-hour program, according to the timetable within ten (10) sessions. After the webinars are realized, it is planned for the teachers who have participated in the webinar to transfer the acquired knowledge to their colleagues, pedagogues, psychologists, as well as class teachers in their schools, and thereby they will recieve IFS-EMMAUS online support via e-mail, regarding this topic. Through interactive lectures and discussions, teachers will be introduced to the positive and negative impacts of the Internet on children, and in which ways the social isolation of children and the undesirable outcomes of exposure to violence on the Internet can be prevented.